Ian Kinsler’s Comments Just Come Off As Sour Grapes

By Jeremy Martin
Ian Kinsler
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers made a lot changes this offseason, and no change was more significant than the trade of Ian Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for Prince Fielder. The Rangers made the deal because they felt they needed to add a power bat to a lineup which was lacking in 2013. Prince has spoken a lot about the trade, but we had yet to hear thoughts from Kinsler. That all changed on Tuesday, and Kinsler did not hold back either.

For the most part, Kinsler was beloved by Rangers fans during his time in Texas and they were sad to see him leave in the trade. However, the media in Texas had a different opinion of Kinsler; they saw him as a smug player that rarely wanted to give them an interview. Needless to say, the media was not sad to see him go.

Fans that were sad to see Kinsler go may have a different opinion after reading his latest comments. In the interview that is set to be released in ESPN’s magazine later this month, Kinsler began by saying, “…there was no remorse from the Rangers…”  and that, “…they did not care.” Kinsler went on to say, “The team had changed. It was not the same personalities, not the same players, not the same chemistry. To be traded, it was refreshing to start new.”

Kinsler did not stop there though. When asked about GM Jon Daniels, he said, “Daniels is a sleaze-ball. He got in good with the owners and straight pushed Nolan Ryan out. He thought all the things he should get credit for, Ryan got credit for. It’s just ego. Once we went to the World Series, everybody’s ego got huge, expect for Nolan’s.”

Kinsler ended by saying, “I’ll miss all my teammates. I’ll miss Elvis (Andrus) and (Adrian) Beltre, Mitch (Moreland), Matt Harrison and (Ron) Washington,” but he followed it up with a contradictory comment by saying, “To be honest, I hope they go 0-162.”

Kinsler was a fan favorite, but his comments come off as bitter, sour grapes. If Kinsler really did not like the way things were done in Texas, he should have said so while he was here. Even if what he says about Daniels is true, his comment about hoping the Rangers lose every game makes him lose all credibility.

I’m sure Kinsler will come out and say that he was misquoted or that he didn’t really mean all those things he said. However, they are out there for everyone to see and hear. I’m also pretty sure Rangers fans and players will remember his words when the Tigers come to Arlington in June.

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