Milwaukee Brewers Rumors: Could Rickie Weeks End up with Yankees?

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With Scooter Gennett as the favorite to win the second baseman job for the Milwaukee Brewers heading into the 2014 season, the Brew Crew could be looking to deal their former second overall pick from 2003.

Rickie Weeks is the longest tenured Brewers player who although showed signs of brilliance in rare spurts, he has failed to consistently take his game to the next level that the second overall picks are expected to. Weeks is coming off a pitiful 2013 season where he batted just .209 in 104 games. He is set to be owed $11 million this year and could find himself in a bench role or traded, even though the Brewers would have to eat a good chunk of his remaining contract.

It has been reported the New York Yankees have been keeping an eye on the 31-year-old Weeks. As everyone knows they have never been one to shy away from bringing in pricey free agents. With the departure of Robinson Cano, who signed a $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners, the Yankees are heading into the 2014 season with uncertainty at their second base position. Weeks has far more upside than Brendan Ryan and Brian Roberts, 36, who are the leading options for the Yankees if they don’t bring in someone else.

The Brewers may be hesitant to rely solely on the 23-year-old Gennett to carry the full load in the 2014 season but seem inclined to give him every opportunity to be the lead dog after his .324 performance in 69 games last season. Do the Brewers want to pay Weeks that much money to carry a bench role? The Yankees could certainly make a move for Weeks in hopes for a change of scenery to revive his career.

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  • JJ Tardy

    Why would the Yanks trade for a player that has a horrible glove at a premium defensive position and to boot can’t hit? He has posted a negative WAR the last 2 seasons and since he became a starter in 2005 only has a 12.3 career WAR. This averages out to a little over a 1.3 WAR player per season and he is trending downward…so after 9 years in the show we are still talking about upside. I don’t think so.

    • Scott

      Because they don’t have anything at 2nd base.

      By the way, you’re just flat out wrong. He doesn’t have a horrible glove at 2nd base. He’s struggled the last two years in all aspects of his game as he’s played with injuries that he never let heal(in fact, he has his entire career).

      The fact of the matter however is that in a stadium like Yankee stadium, the type of hitter that Weeks is, he could put up a MONSTER season for them at the bottom of their rotation.

      You’re also wrong on his WAR which is 17.2, but I digress.

      The fact of the matter is Weeks is an extremely talented player who never reached his potential, but is still just 31 years old, should be healthy for the first time in several years, and is capable of putting up a .255/.345/.455 type season for the Yankees, or a much better line if used as a platoon player, and I would assume in this scenario the Brewers would eat some of that contract.

      In reality though, the Brewers aren’t good enough to win without Weeks having a good year. They need to stay healthy, they need their rotation to perform like it’s capable of, but they also need ONE player from Weeks, Kh Davis in left, 1st, someone else to have a big year while getting what you expect from Braun, Gomez, Segura, Lucroy, Ramirez and company.

  • Scott

    By the way, even while Weeks struggled so badly last year with torn ligaments in his ankle, his OPS was still well over 100 points higher vs lefties than Gennett. So Weeks wouldn’t be just a bench player. Ideally, the Brewers wouldn’t have to pay a 2nd basemen with an average glove in a good year and a poor one in a bad year 11.5 million to play 25 percent of the time vs lefties, but I think with the makeup of this team, IF Gennett even makes the big league team and IF he hits right handers like he did last year, the TWO could combine to post a .285/.350/.485 type line at 2nd base with 20+ HR’s at 2nd. That’d be for about 12 million dollars. That’s perfectly reasonable money wise and not much of a leap if Weeks gets off to any type of decent start.