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Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers of All Time, Gagne Region Round Two

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Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers: Gagne Region (Round Two)

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The first round is complete in the Gagne Region of the Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers bracket, and there were two upsets of note.

In perhaps the biggest surprise, 11th-seeded Jimmy Haynes beat six-seed John Axford by a 63-37 percent vote. Fans noted that Axford was huge in 2011, was still serviceable after losing the closer’s job and was generally a likable guy. Haynes was just terrible.

The other upset occurred when Rick Manning as the 10-seed edged out the seventh-seeded Glenn Braggs. Manning earned 52 percent of the votes as most people didn't have strong feelings toward either player.

Other results from the first round:

B.J. Surhoff received the highest percentage of the votes, getting 99 percent over Jody Gerut. The hate for B.J. could be felt through the computer screen as Gerut earned just one vote.

Manny Parra took home 96 percent over a convicted murderer. That says a lot about the vitriol toward the southpaw.

Davey Lopes and Derrick Turnbow each collected 88 percent, clubbing Corey Hart and Ben Sheets respectively. Lopes and Turnbow make for interesting dark horses in the region, presenting their own brands of awful and irritating.

Ken Macha also coasted to victory over Bud Selig with a 70 percent victory. Clearly, Selig received credit for his efforts to get and keep the Brewers in Milwaukee, despite his own shortcomings. Some reports indicate Macha fell asleep during the opening round while watching Matlock, cementing his advancement.

And finally, Jason Kendall’s noodle bat and seething anger outdueled Jaime Navarro’s blue glove and stretched waistline. Kendall received 54 percent support, but he’ll be a big underdog in round two.

The second-round matchups are all set. Take another look and see who you despised more as a member of the Brewers. Voting for the second round of the Gagne Region will be open until 11pm (ET) on Thursday, March 6th. You can vote in the comments section below, on Facebook, tweeting @brewersblend or by sending an email to

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#4 Ken Macha vs. #5 Davey Lopes

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A battle between two of the worst managers in franchise history. Macha had more talented players that didn’t fit his style. Of course, Lopes was a special type of bad on multiple levels. Macha had the edge in winning percentage (.485 to .425).

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#3 Derrick Turnbow vs. #11 Jimmy Haynes

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Haynes gets another shot at an enigmatic closer with an interesting personality. The fans were anticipating a Turnbow vs. Axford closer's grudge match, but Turnbow gets the underdog starter in round two instead. It's a rise and fall story versus a "never was" career in Milwaukee.

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#2 B.J. Surhoff vs. #10 Rick Manning

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Teammates in 1987, Surhoff and Manning meet again, this time to decide the public’s greater disdain. Surhoff alienated fans on and off the field with his “performances,” while Manning was mainly punished for his impact on Gorman Thomas and Paul Molitor.

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#1 Manny Parra vs. #8 Jason Kendall

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Kendall caught 213 innings from Parra, witnessing 27 home runs and 111 walks. Despite Kendall’s flaws, Parra remains a heavy favorite. Most Brewers fans might like the idea of having the two fight in a UFC-style brawl with the loser moving on in the bracket. It would be a true true win-win.

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Gagne Region - Round Two

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As a reminder, the winner of the Gagne Region plays the winner of the Ned Yost Region on the Final Four.

Voting for the second round of the Gagne Region will be open until 11pm (ET) on Thursday, March 6th. You can vote in the comments section below, on Facebook, tweeting @brewersblend or by sending an email to