Roberto Hernandez Showing Early Why He Deserves Spot in Philadelphia Phillies’ Rotation

By Rebekah Milsted
Hernandez First Phillies workout
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The Philadelphia Phillies had a core pitching rotation a few years ago, but now trades and retirements have made it a questionable one. The fifth spot in the rotation is up for grabs, and right now the competition seems to be between Roberto Hernandez and Alfredo Gonzalez. Hernandez is wasting no time showing why he deserves the final spot.

Like many I was uncertain of the signing of Hernandez. First, he was caught and found guilty for identity fraud. Why have someone on the team who is going to bring drama? You know the media is going to focus on that and not on his game.

Another reason the Hernandez signing was risky was because of his ERA. Hernandez pitched the 2013 season with the Tampa Bay Rays. He had a 4.89 ERA and just six wins before he was replaced in the rotation.  He has never had an ERA less than three.

Hernandez had his second start of the spring yesterday, and he proved everyone wrong, including me. He showed that he has what it takes to take that last spot in the rotation. He pitched three innings giving up just one hit. Hernandez threw 46 pitches, 29 of which were strikes. Why does this prove everyone wrong? He improved in a short amount of time. In his first game of the spring he gave up two runs in two innings along with four hits.

Hernandez is working hard to get this final rotation spot and to stay a part of it. I’m sure he doesn’t want to get bumped out again. Hernandez has all spring to continue to improve and show why he deserves the fifth rotation spot.

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