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5 Players Who Will Disappoint Texas Rangers In 2014

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5 Players Who Will Disappoint the Texas Rangers in 2014

5 Players Who Will Disappoint the Texas Rangers in 2014
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When you're counting on Joe Saunders to ride in and save the day, that's not a good sign for your starting rotation. What's even worse, Saunders doesn't even make the top five Texas Rangers disappointing players for 2014.

This year, the issue is mostly pitching. It all started with Derek Holland's knee injury in January, and then things snowballed from there. With an injury of this type, the main fear is that the team will rush Holland back too soon, causing him to re-injure the knee. That now seems to be a strong possibility. The pitching has been singularly unimpressive this spring, prompting the team to bring in a pair of veteran retreads because these guys were better than anyone else on the staff.

There's basically two categories of players in this hall of shame. The first group is guys who are injured, either physically or mentally or both. Injuries are part of the game, and most everyone needs an occasional day off or even a stint on the disabled list. But if you're already hurt before the season even starts, it's safe to assume that your health will worsen as the season drags on.

Mostly because of the injuries, there are guys who are being asked to step up that simply do not have that ability. Tommy Hanson is a decent pitcher, but expecting him to produce 15 wins and 150 strikeouts is borderline crazy.

The offseason offensive upgrades may allow the Rangers to weather the storm, but only time will tell.

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5. Jurickson Profar

Jurickson Profar
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The former top prospect simply is not an every-day major league player.

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4. Neftali Feliz

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Feliz says he feels fine, but it's his mental makeup that's more of a question mark. Can he take the mound in a critical situation without feeling the ghosts of a World Series past?

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3. Derek Holland

Derek Holland
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Whatever the team was counting on Holland to produce can now be cut by at least 50%. There's also no telling what he will be like physically when he comes back from such an extended time off.

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2. Martin Perez

Martin Perez
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Perez is a decent starter, but he's not a number two.

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1. Matt Harrison

Matt Harrison
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No matter what mattress he uses, it appears that Harrison's back may be permanently messed up.