Bryce Harper Says He's PED Free, But New Photo Will Raise Questions

By RantSports Staff
Bryce Harper
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Sup bro? You work out? 

Those words may have been uttered by Bryce Harper over the last couple of months. In case you missed it, the Washington Nationals outfielder has people across the internet talking because of this photo:

Bryce Harper
Image via Twitter

It’s also worth noting that Harper is holding some girl scout cookies in his left hand.

You may remember a few weeks back when another photo of the OF went viral. It was of course a photo of Harper wearing a shirt that said ‘PED Free’. Now with the release of this latest photo, people are going to start asking questions.

Is it fair to link Harper to roids just because he increased the size of his arms over the offseason? Heck no. Will people do it anyway? Heck yes.

Maybe he just got jacked the old fashioned way? That’s my guess. Popeye didn’t need any fancy steroids. He just busted out a trusty can of spinach any time he needed a boost. Who’s to say that Harper doesn’t have his own version of spinach?

All jokes aside, MLB‘s drug testing will ultimately do the talking. If Harper fails a test at some point, then it’s okay to really pile on. In the meantime, let’s just stick to making fun of him for being a total bro.

As for the upcoming baseball season, Nationals fans will be expecting big things from the third-year player. If his numbers don’t spike in 2014, it’s likely that some will lose faith in him being the next huge star in MLB.

Just for the heck of it, here’s a look at Harper in 2011 versus Harper in 2014:

Bryce Harper
Getty Images/Twitter


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