Ken Griffey Jr.'s ESPN Interview Was Extremely Awkward

By Andrew Fisher
Ken Griffey Jr
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Ken Griffey Jr. has been out of baseball for a few years now. His son, who plays football at Arizona, is certainly in the headlines more than he is at this point. But as part of deal with Upper Deck, Griffey has been making his share of media rounds lately. The former slugger appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Wednesday as part of those rounds, and what unfolded wasn’t exactly interview gold.

Check out how unenthusiastic the former All-Star was while talking to Linda Cohen:

So, uh…yeah. That whole thing was just a complete train wreck.

I suppose you can’t knock Griffey too much. It was obviously one of many interviews he’s done lately, and we all know how nauseating ESPN can be. There’s really not much sport-like about ESPN anymore. The once great network has now become watered down and sad. On any given day, there are usually between three and four actual sports stories, while the rest of the time is devoted to mindless LeBron James and Johnny Manziel talk.

As for Griffey, there’s no doubt he’s just playing the waiting game with the baseball hall of fame. Most have him pegged as a first ballot guy, especially since he’s never been linked to steroids or PEDs.

It’s really crazy to think about how good Griffey could have been if he hadn’t gotten hurt so many times. He’s going to make it in with what he did during an injury-filled career. If he had kept up on his original pace, he probably would have deserved his own wing in the HOF.


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