New York Mets: 90 Wins Is Reachable But In 2015

By Luis Tirado Jr.
New York Mets
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The general consensus when you ask any member of the New York Mets is that they will achieve something special that they haven’t accomplished in quite some time. The main goal everyone has established is to win 90 games this upcoming MLB season to finally be on top of the National League East and be in the postseason for the first time since 2006. It won’t be easy but everyone from David Wright to Zack Wheeler are full of hope and optimism that 2014 will be the year where everyone will contribute more than ever before to live up to this new mantra.

You have to give all these players credit since season after season, the Mets have yet to hold their end of the bargain for being a competitive team. Slowly however, they’ve been building a powerhouse when it comes to their pitching. It’s only a matter of time before all the pieces fall into place and they can definitely be winning 90 games and more without promising the media and their fans it’s going to happen now. Will 2014 be the year of the Mets? No, not quite.

When a team wants to make a strong push to go from pretenders to contenders, they will do whatever it takes to win. That includes much preparation, tons of hard work and, of course, having the right talent to build upon. When you look at the Mets as an organization, have they truly exhausted all their resources to put it all in for 2014? No, not really as they still have some question marks across the team. During the offseason, the Mets definitely acquired some good talent to build upon though.

Acquiring players such as Curtis Granderson, Bartolo Colon, Chris Young and building up their bullpen will definitely earn the Mets more wins. However, to truly be on a championship path, you need to ensure you have the best of the best at every single position. You can’t afford a single weak link on the team because weaknesses are quickly exploited when it matters most.

If the Mets were serious about 90 wins, one would agree it would have to be with everyone in place to succeed. Not having starting pitcher Matt Harvey is a huge blow to the team as he recovers from Tommy John surgery and won’t be ready until 2015. General manager Sandy Alderson also has some glaring holes on the infield he has yet to fix. One would think if they acquired shortstop Stephen Drew many could take their 90 wins goal to the bank. No offense to Ruben Tejada, but you can’t compare those two players at the position. Drew would be a serious upgrade at shortstop for the team and provide a good bat and consistency.

The Mets also don’t have an established first baseman as both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda plan to duke it out in spring training to see who gets appointed the Opening Day starter. It only makes sense that to reach the postseason and actually go to the World Series, you need all your top players ready to go. That’s why, realistically, don’t expect 90 wins until 2015 when all the pieces are ready to take off. That also includes top prospect Noah Syndergaard as their third superstar in the Mets starting pitching rotation.

While it’s good that all the players are happy and anxious for the season to start just like the rest of us, the Mets probably should have kept quiet on their internal goals.

It’s always better to just let the product on the field speak for itself.

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