Top 5 Early Standouts in Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training

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Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training: Ranking the Top 5 Early Standouts

Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training
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The Milwaukee Brewers are just six games into the 2014 spring training, which means there is still plenty of time left for players to separate themselves from the pack. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t take notice of the early standouts and admire the great job they have done so far. In fact, the players that break out of the gate first typically gather the most attention from the coaching staff.

It is those players who get red hot in the beginning of spring training who the coaches want to see the most, especially since the Brewers have several open competitions throughout the roster. It is all about who wants the job more, and which players are willing to show they deserve to walk out onto the field at Miller Park on March 31.

Manager Ron Roenicke needs to see players who have a burning desire to empty the tank and leave everything out on the field after every game. Owner Mark Attanasio is determined to field a winner as he fully expects Milwaukee to compete for a National League Central crown and beyond in 2014. For that reason, only the best of the very best will get to put on a Brewers uniform every day.

There have been several standouts thus far in spring training, but this slideshow concentrates on the top five players who have gathered the attention of the fans and the media. Check out Milwaukee’s five best players so far and comment below on which players you believe are having an impact in spring training.

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5. Hector Gomez

Hector Gomez
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5. Hector Gomez

Hector Gomez Spring Training
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4. Yovani Gallardo

Yovani Gallardo
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4. Yovani Gallardo

Yovani Gallardo Spring Training
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3. Wily Peralta

Wily Peralta
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3. Wily Peralta

Wily Peralta Spring Training
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2. Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun
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2. Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun Spring Training
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1. Juan Francisco

Juan Francisco
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Juan Francisco

Juan Francisco Spring Training

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  • Scott

    Both lefties the Brewers acquired this past off-season should be on this list. Wang and Will Smith. Both are power armed lefties who have the potential to be starters, have a 2nd put away pitch and a 3rd that’s developing.

    And we got Smith(who I think will be an all star in the next year or two if kept as a reliever) for Aoki and Wang as a Rule 5 draftee because the Pirates didn’t expect anyone to nab a guy who’d never pitched above Rookie Ball. They need to find a way to keep Wang on the roster. The Pirates are not going to be amenable to working out a trade for him(in lieu of keeping him on 25 man) as they know his insane potential. Plus, that would help the Brewers in two ways. Give them a very talented young arm they only got on a technicality(he shouldn’t have been available, but he had to be on the 40 man roster due to the fact that they voided his initial contract after finding an injured elbow).

    So the Brewers came away with his kid who has thrown 12 games of rookie ball, but has a 95-96 MPH fastball(tops out, sits at 91-94) and a plus change up ALREADY, and big Will Smith who has dominant, big league #2 type stuff.

    Dig a little deeper. Braun, Gallardo, these guys are obvious. Gomez was a good one.