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Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers of All Time, Estrada Region Round Two

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Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers: Estrada Region (Round Two)

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The Johnny Estrada Region may be the most interesting part of the bracket, at least when if comes to the voting in the first round of the Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers of All Time tournament.

The 14-seed Pat Listach was apparently more despised than originally thought. He pulled off the biggest upset, knocking off three-seeded Jose Hernandez, 53-47 percent. Many felt Hernandez's power at shortstop offset his strikeouts.

Meanwhile, numerous voters cited bad personal interactions with Listach as a reason for their selection, including wanting to punch him in various areas of the body, which would hurt to a large degree. Failed expectations and a lack of health contributed to his detractors.

Not to be outdone, 11th-seeded Alex Sanchez took down the six-seed, Marquis Grissom, in a battle of disappointing center fielders. Sanchez earned 55 percent of the vote, as he was seen as more of a head case than Grissom, and had more potential (at that stage) that was completely squandered.

Other first round results:

Marc Newfield won the nine vs. eight matchup with Mat Gamel, getting 53 percent of the vote. Both were questioned on effort and derailed by injuries. Most expected more from Newfield.

Seventh-seeded Sean Berry's waste of time in Milwaukee beat out Jose Valentin's inconsistent play at short as a 10-seed. Berry got 62 percent, about the same amount of effort he gave.

The top seed in the region, Jeffrey Hammonds, only earned 82 percent of the votes over 16th-seeded Rob Dibble. Not a good sign for him going forward.

The rest of the matchups were blowouts, with the higher seeds winning. Juan Francisco (five seed) defeated 12th-seeded Geoff Jenkins, 90-10 percent. As a four-seed, Franklin Stubbs wasted 13th-seeded Cal Eldred by an 86-14 final.

Then there was Yuniesky Betancourt, the first individual to get a full 100 percent of the votes in the bracket's short history. Tony Graffinino had no chance, and Yuni may have become the favorite to reach the Final Four.

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No. 11 Pat Listach vs. No. 14 Alex Sanchez

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Two big underdogs came up huge in the first round, using untapped potential as their strength. Listach was hampered dearly by injuries and was probably never as good as his rookie season indicated. Sanchez fell into the "mental" problems and "lack of maturity" and "stay away" categories.

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No. 4 Franklin Stubbs vs. No. 5 Juan Francisco

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What a matchup between a pair of big, lefty-swinging first baseman. One guy is a blast from the past who took the money and produced nothing at the dish or in the field, and the other is still on the club and occasionally hits the ball far, but his "defense" and whiff rate are ugly.

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No. 2 Yuniesky Betancourt vs. No. 7 Sean Berry

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Both players ended up playing first base in Milwaukee, though one was a shortstop and the other a third baseman. Berry was expected to bring a little pop, a solid average and good defense; he decided not to do any of that.

I'm not sure what Yuni was expected to do, but his performance in the field was beyond laughable. Sometimes he actually took a pitch or two, and he did reach base, on occasion.

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No. 1 Jeffrey Hammonds vs. No. 9 Marc Newfield

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Jeffery Hammonds didn't blow out the 16-seed, so you wonder if he stays strong against Marc Newfield. While Hammonds remains one of the worst free agent signings in Brewers' history, Newfield had enormous projections and failed miserably. They combined for only 30 home runs in six seasons in Milwaukee.

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Estrada Region - Round Two

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The winner of the Estrada Region will take on the survivor of the Gary Sheffield Region, which should be posted soon.

So, take another look and see who you despised more as a member of the Brewers. Voting for the second round of the Estrada Region will be open until 11pm (ET) on Saturday, March 8th. You can vote in the comments section below, on Facebook, tweeting @brewersblend or by sending an email to