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Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers of All Time, Yost Region Round Two

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Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers: Yost Region (Round Two)

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The results are in from round one voting in the Ned Yost Region and only a couple of lower seeds came out victorious, and those were minor upsets to say the least.

As was the case in the Gagne Region of the Most Despised Milwaukee Brewers bracket, the 10-seed knocked off the seven-seed, though this one was far more lopsided.

Jerry Royster ran away with this one, taking home 86 percent of the votes over Joey Meyer. Most saw ineptitude and embarrassment when looking at Royster, whereas Meyer was simply another promising prospect who didn’t pan out.

The only other “upset” came in the eight versus nine duel, which really is a toss-up anyway. The oft-beaten Kameron Loe won by the slimmest of margins over the excitable (for better or worse) Nyjer Morgan. With 51 percent, Loe had slightly more detractors than Morgan, mainly due to Tony Plush’s game-winning hit in the 2011 NLDS deciding game.

Other results from the first round:

Another down-to-the-wire matchup saw Bill Hall get a 51-49 percent win over Ben Hendrickson. The over-the-top love for Hall hurt him dearly after the big contract and quick decline in production.

Rickie Weeks defeated his best friend, Prince Fielder, by a comfortable 20 percent margin. In a different matchup, Fielder may have been able to push his weight around, but Weeks’ negative value was too strong.

Once again, Matt Mieske was “just a guy,” falling short against the Southern Gentleman, Wes Helms. Not sure how much staying power Helms has, especially against righties.

Ruben Quevedo could be a sleeper to knock out the top two seeds in the bracket, and he got off to a quick (for him) start with 90 percent of the vote against Billy Jo Robidoux, who received no extra push from his fun-to-say name.

Ronnie Belliard ran at half-speed and still wasted Doug Henry by a 92-8 final.

Jeff Suppan nabbed all but one vote over Matt Wise as $42 million always defeats salad tongs.

The second-round matchups are all set. Take another look and see who you despised more as a member of the Brewers. Voting for the second round of the Yost Region will be open until 11pm (ET) on Friday, March 7th.

You can vote in the comments section below, on Facebook, tweeting @brewersblend or by sending an email to

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#4 Rickie Weeks vs. #5 Bill Hall

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Both players showed promising skills at various points in their careers as they collected fans; both might have even more people who despise them now. Weeks has hung around longer despite some awful defense, while Hall disappeared rather quickly after stealing money from the Brewers.

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#3 Ruben Quevedo vs. #6 Wes Helms

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An intriguing matchup between two guys who were hyped up by their former organization and the Brewers' staff upon their arrival. Quevedo’s “effort” and demeanor were on par with his numbers -- ugly. Helms was productive in spurts, but never lived up to his prospect status or power projections.

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#2 Ronnie Belliard vs. #10 Jerry Royster

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Belliard wowed people early, then became a shell of himself thanks to poor physical and mental focus, making him a waste of talent. Even that smirk feels fake. Royster wowed people, too -- at how bad he was. He didn’t have the skills and was a train wreck from day one. There were many rumors of players running the show by year’s end.

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#1 Jeff Suppan vs. #9 Kameron Loe

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Loe has the size, but Suppan has the weapons – or lack thereof – to win this tournament. As much as Loe irritated fans, Suppan’s impact was greater and the fans’ emotions were never hidden with him on the mound. The feelings are still raw for some, particularly because of his lone, awful playoff start in 2008.

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Yost Region - Round Two

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As a reminder, the survivor of the Yost Region will take on the Gagne Region's winner in the Final Four. Voting for the second round of this region remains open until Friday, March 7th at 11pm (ET).

You can vote in the comments section below, on Facebook, tweeting @brewersblend or by sending an email to