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Oakland Athletics’ Spring Training: Ranking the Top 5 Early Standouts

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Oakland Athletics’ Spring Training: Ranking the Top 5 Early Standouts

Oakland Athletics Spring Training
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With Spring Training games having just started almost a week ago, we already can see the difference between players blowing it up and players slumping. Of course neither of those mean now what they would mean if they were happening during the regular MLB season but it still matters. Very often a player’s best season can be traced back to what was one of his better spring seasons as well.

Who then among the Oakland Athletics looks to be headed in the right direction? As a team their batting average is not at the top of the list but the team stats are very suspect at this point. So much of the game is being played by future prospects and many guys who won’t even make the roster. That especially goes with key hitters and pitchers. Wins and losses then mean very little as does the overall team batting average.

What does mean something is the start that a few key players are getting off to. There are always a few surprises during the spring season and that could be said to be the case with the A’s as well this year. It has been the task of the Athletics to put a great team on the field for less overall money for some time now. As they have brought that to a form of art in the game of baseball, it really comes down to the guys getting started out right. Take a look at the top five performers for them thus far in Spring Training.

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5 – Brandon Moss

Brandon Moss Spring Training
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Moss is one of the good names to look for when the Athletics get serious in a few weeks. His spring numbers are very promising at .500 batting average and 3 RBI thus far.

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4 – Nick Punto

Nick Punto Spring Training
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It is very possible that Punto could be one of the best players that takes the field for this team this season. That is considering what his role will likely be of course. His numbers of .333 batting average 2 RBI and a double look very good right now. He is just the type of player that seems to excel with the A’s.

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3 – Sam Fuld

Sam Fuld Spring Training
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You might not know much about Fuld but if he keeps having weeks with a .357 batting average, 1.009 OPS and an RBI; you might learn more about him soon. Don’t be surprised if this continues and you do hear more of him.

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2 – Josh Reddick

Josh Reddick Spring Training
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Reddick isn’t wasting time getting started this spring with an impressive .462 batting average and a couple of doubles. He is a key to this team every single season and the same will be true this season.

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1 – Stephen Vogt

Stephen Vogt Spring Training
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Right now Vogt is slated to be the back-up catcher more than likely but his numbers don’t look very back-up right now. A batting average of .538, 1 double, 1 triple and 4 RBI most definitely looks like starting material to me. Keep an eye out.