Philadelphia Phillies’ Pitching Falling Apart Already

By Rebekah Milsted
Phillies pitchers workout
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Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies are used to things falling apart. Last season the team couldn’t pull together wins and injuries kept occurring. However, that was in the middle of the season. The 2014 season hasn’t even started, and everything already seems to be going wrong for the Phillies. Pitchers seem to be getting hurt left and right, and things need to start looking up fast.

Everything started with the setback of Cole Hamels at the beginning of spring training. He was suffering from bicep tendonitis and telling everyone he thought he would be back in late April. Tendonitis just doesn’t go away. Hamels has to figure out different strategies to deal with the condition and still be a great pitcher.

I also believe that Hamels was trying to rush back. He began taking his recovery process slow but thought he was ready to make a major move anyway. This may have cost him as he just announced this morning he suffered a setback. He is now suffering from inflammation in his left shoulder and it feels very tired. This means his return to the rotation will most likely not be in April. He has now let down the fans and his teammates, and if he had just slowed down this may not have happened.

The Phillies are still on the hunt for that fifth spot in the rotation, along with bullpen pitchers. Ethan Martin was a contender, but he has joined the injured list. During his appearance a week ago things did not seem right. He was throwing 85 mph and just faced four batters. After the game it was announced he suffered a strained right shoulder and is sidelined for three weeks. Martin last season had a 6.08 ERA while starting six games, but he seems more promising as a reliever.

The season starts in less than a month, and the Phillies need to figure out what they are going to do. They can’t afford to lose any more pitchers. Luckily they signed A.J Burnett, and Mike Adams seems to be on the right track of recovery. They need players to step up or a signing has to occur. Either way the pitching is a little bit of a mess right now with a lot to fall into place by Apr. 1.

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