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Texas Rangers’ Spring Training: Ranking the Top 5 Early Standouts

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Texas Rangers’ Spring Training: Ranking the Top 5 Early Standouts

Texas Rangers Spring Traiing
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The more things change the more they stay the same. At least that is how the saying is supposed to go. For the Texas Rangers going into the 2014 season means things are changing a great deal. What now looks to be a controversial departure of Nolan Ryan from the front office has been followed by an offseason of questionable moves. How does the Spring Training season look for the new-look Rangers?

First of all the words said by Ian Kinsler should really not be blown completely out of proportion. What he said is something that has been repeated several times by almost every Rangers fan I know. While that is not exactly a sample of the entire Rangers fan base, the fact that many fans fear this offseason was not one that saw the Rangers change for the better is real. A few signs in Spring Training might ease that tension a bit though.

Sure, there is no way to know exactly how things will work out until the team hits the field during the regular season but the spring can provide a very nice and believable sample. That is especially true if you pay attention to the players who are getting playing time and which ones are playing the best. That is the purpose of this slideshow as we’ll look at the top five performers for the Rangers this spring.

All does not look terrible actually as we glance at the early feedback the Rangers are providing with their play. Actually a few of the best performers of the spring are exactly the guys that the Rangers will want on the same list during the season. Absent from the list of best so far is Shin-Soo Choo but health should provide some measure of success for him as well. Here is the ranking of the current five best for the Rangers.

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5 – Alex Rios

Alex Rios Spring Training
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Rios is the elder statesman with the Rangers now. I’m kidding of course but those who thought the Rangers might quickly flip him back around in another trade this offseason have been proven wrong. Perhaps the front office does know what they are doing after all because Rios’ .400 batting average certainly is promising this early on.

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4 – Brent Lillibridge

Brent Lillibridge Spring Training
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Lillibridge isn’t likely to see time at third base for the Rangers but don’t be surprised if the Rangers have to find a spot for him on their roster. I wouldn’t have guessed it but his .444 batting average is nice enough and great when coupled with 1 home runs and 3 RBI in only 9 at-bats.

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3 – Jurickson Profar

Jurickson Profar Spring Training
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This might be the most important player on the team this season for the Rangers. If he can step into the second base job and at least do as good as or better than Kinsler did there, he is bound to get some respect from the fan base and everyone else. His .333 batting average, 2 doubles and 5 RBI certainly look very good right now.

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2 – Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder Spring Training
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Here is the name everyone is talking about. Fielder had a rough time of it in the postseason and I wouldn’t be surprised if he pressures himself into a slump this season. It doesn’t look like he plans on my prediction being right however with a .364 batting average, 1.000 OPS, 1 home run and 3 RBI already. Best of luck to the Prince.

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1 – Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre Spring Training
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Who doesn’t love to watch Beltre play baseball? Whoever raised your hand please slap yourself on the back of the hand or head. He is getting started early this spring with a .400 batting average, .955 OPS and 2 RBI. You know he is having fun while doing it too and that is the best thing about Beltre.