Baltimore Orioles' Zach Britton Deserves 1 More Shot

By Brian Devine
Zach Britton
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

After struggling as a starter the past few seasons, Zach Britton is now fighting for a spot on the Baltimore Orioles‘ roster. Britton has posted an awful 5.02 ERA in 19 starts over the past two seasons, and he struck out just 18 in 40 innings pitched last year. While Britton has disappointed as a starter, I believe he can have success in the bullpen. He is a talented pitcher, and he deserves one last chance.

It wasn’t long ago that many thought Britton had an extremely promising future. Britton was considered one of the Orioles’ top prospects, and he was rated the 28th best prospect in baseball by Baseball America before the 2011 season. When he first arrived in the majors, he was also very impressive. Britton was 6-6 and owned a strong 3.38 ERA through his first three months in the major leagues.

While it has been downhill for Britton since then, he still has tremendous ability. Britton is a hard throwing left-hander, and he also features an excellent sinker. With his sinker, he can generate weak contact and a lot of ground balls.

A pitcher with Britton’s talent should not be given up on so quickly. He is still fairly young at 26 years old, and he could potentially find success in a relief role. If Britton does not make the team in Spring Training, another team can claim him on waivers. So the Orioles need to find room for him, and they must place him on the Opening Day roster.

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