Philadelphia Phillies Should Not Rush Cole Hamels Back From Injury

By Jake Edinger
Cole Hamels
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After feeling arm fatigue, Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels has postponed his return to action. The Phillies should let Hamels rest and hold him out until his arm is returned to full health. Hamels has suffered an early injury and a pitcher should not be suffering from arm fatigue in Spring Training.

Since 2008, Hamels has pitched 200+ innings in every season, except for 2009 where he clocked 193.2. He also added an, extra 81.2 innings in the postseason during his career. Through his eight seasons in the MLB, Hamels has clocked a total of 1596.2 innings. In teammate Cliff Lee’s first eight seasons, Lee had a total of 1194.8 innings pitched. A.J Burnett had 987.7 innings pitched in his first eight seasons. Johan Santana, who has been plagued with arm injuries and is only 34 years old, pitched 1306.8 innings through eight seasons. Hamels is simply over pitched and the Phillies need to rest him more, especially since they owe him $22.5 million for each of the next five seasons.

Although he is only 30 years old, Hamels is showing wear and tear and would benefit from extra rest. Hamels has been a starter for the Phillies for eight years and by this point in his career, probably has a routine for getting ready for the regular season. He should not need the Spring Training reps as much as other players. The team should hold him out for an extended length of time now rather than during the regular season. It would be even worse to have him breakdown during the stretch run.

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