Ranking the Top 15 MLB Prospect Spring Training Performances So Far

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Ranking the Top 15 MLB Prospect Spring Training Performances So Far

MLB Prospects Spring Training
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Almost everyone watching MLB Spring Training statistics understands that they do not necessarily transfer over to the regular season. Awesome stats at this time of the spring do not equal regular season success and terrible stats right now do not guarantee failure. While that is true for most players, the prospects of MLB most certainly do care what their stats look like right now. Who among the prospects playing this spring have turned in the best performances so far?

Before we get into that list, we’ll talk about something that seems necessary to point out. This is not going to look at how the top 15 prospects of MLB are doing this spring season. This rather is a glance at the top performers among all prospects playing right now. That could mean there are some top prospects on the list and there are but it could mean some lower ranked prospects are on there as well and they are.

Regardless of where they all rank in the way of potential and the countless ways they measure MLB prospects now, this has nothing to do with that and only to do with the stats they have turned in so far. George Springer is a top prospect playing this spring and expected to make the roster if all goes well but he isn’t even close to making this list. You get the idea I’m sure.

Springer not being on here certainly does nothing to tarnish his ranking or reputation in the minors but the guys on this list might be getting more overall MLB attention and looks right now than any other prospects in the game. Take a look and see if there is one from your favorite team. Leave a comment below if you think of someone else who deserves a spot here.

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15 – Gregory Polanco – OF Pittsburgh Pirates

Gregory Polanco
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Polanco is certainly one of the most highly respected prospects in the game right now. For the Pirates he is one of the main hopefuls to fill out the roster before the season is over. Spring Training is doing nothing to quiet those hopes as he has posted a .333 average with one home run and two RBI so far.

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14 – Tommy La Stella – 2B Atlanta Braves

Tommy La Stella
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Though La Stella is now thought to be scheduled for one or more years down the road, his performance in Spring Training has put him further on the radar of Braves fans. With a .398 average, one RBI and five runs scored, he is certainly someone to keep an eye on for the rest of the spring.

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13 – Archie Bradley – SP Arizona Diamondbacks

Archie Bradley
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Bradley had seemed like a guarantee to make the starting rotation out of Spring Training even before it started in 2014. Then the DBacks signed Bronson Arroyo and that guarantee went away. Don’t count the top prospect out just yet though. Through one start and three innings he has given up only one hit, struck out six and given up zero runs.

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12 – Matt Skole – 3B Washington Nationals

Matt Skole
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Third base for the Nationals is not exactly wide open but Skole isn’t MLB ready yet anyway. His Spring Training numbers seem to be suggesting otherwise however. With a .389 average, one home run, two runs scored and five RBI, he should be watched closely all season long.

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11 – Eric Campbell – 1B New York Mets

Eric Campbell
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First base is a known area of question for the Mets and it seems likely to go to one of two MLB players. Don’t completely discount the idea that Campbell could make himself a part of the conversation though. A .429 batting average with a couple of RBI and runs scored is nothing to sneeze at.

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10 – Michael Foltynewicz – P Houston Astros

Michael Foltynewicz
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Foltynewicz has made himself known to Astros faithful this spring so far. His two appearances have covered four innings and seen him give up only one hit while allowing zero runs. Nothing is impossible when it comes to this team choosing a final roster.

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9 – Billy Hamilton – OF Cincinnati Reds

Billy Hamilton
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Though Hamilton has only stolen two bags this spring, no one should wonder if he has lost his wheels. That will be there when the season starts. The only question has always been how he goes about stealing first base. This spring he has a batting average of .417, an on-base percentage of .500 including one double and two walks. I’d say he is doing a great job of getting on base so far.

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8 – Billy Burns – OF Oakland Athletics

Billy Burns
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If there was a questionnaire asking who the MLB leader in steals would be at this point in Spring Training would be, most would have guessed wrong. It isn’t Hamilton at no. 9 who leads but rather Burns for the Athletics at no. 8. He has a .321 batting average which is lower than some on this list but his seven steals and seven runs scored more than make up for that. Oh and he had 74 steals last season in the minors so this is far from an anomaly. He is the real deal and he is on the way Oakland.

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7 – Javier Baez – SS Chicago Cubs

Javier Baez
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Anyone wanting to talk about someone being the real deal has to at least consider this guy. Baez has been impressive enough while Starlin Castro is working himself back that many wonder if Baez will be the starter on Opening Day. Regardless of the answer to that question, Baez is confirming plenty with his .417 average, two home runs, two doubles and three RBI.

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6 – Miguel Rojas – SS Los Angeles Dodgers

Miguel Rojas
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Rojas might not have been on everyone’s scanner before this Spring Training but he will be now. With a .462 average, two RBI and a run scored he is opening lots of eyes to how good he can be for the Dodgers organization.

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5 – Nate Tenbrink – 3B Seattle Mariners

Nate Tenbrink
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Tenbrink is among the leads overall for the Mariners with his .455 average, one home run, two RBI and three runs scored. He might not be headed to the majors all season this year but don’t be surprised if you see him called up at the first chance.

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4 – Grant Green – 2B Los Angeles Angels

Grant Green
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Though some might have expected to see an Angels prospect on this list they probably did not expect Green. Through only 10 at-bats he has gathered six hits, four of which are doubles with three runs scored and three RBI coming his way in the process.

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3 – Seth Rosin – P Los Angeles Dodgers

Seth Rosin
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It might be someone standard for a few MLB pitchers to get through 5 innings in two appearances while giving up only four hits and zero runs. It isn’t standard to see it out of a prospect however and when you throw in his eight strikeouts over that span, it isn’t something anyone else is doing. We might want to pay attention to Mr. Rosin.

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2 – Nick Castellanos – 3B Detroit Tigers

Nick Castellanos
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Castellanos being on this list is some of the best news of the spring for Tigers fans. If he is to seriously take over Miguel Cabrera’s former spot with some measure of respect in his rookie season, Castellanos would do well to repeat weeks like this first one. A .429 average and one home run are respectable enough. When you add in four runs scored and seven RBI, you are talking about respect for the rookie’s early progress.

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1 – Tommy Medica – 1B San Diego Padres

Tommy Medica
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Medica has to be in the conversation for a high roster spot for the Padres right now. He is not only having the best spring for a prospect but one of the top two or three overall. His batting average of .550 is coupled with two home runs, two runs scored and six RBI to complete the matter. No doubt his guy is making plenty of noise around himself right now.