Barry Bonds is Nervous and Thin as a Rail

By Andrew Fisher
Barry Bonds
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Barry Bonds is back in baseball. After being away from the game since his final season in 2007, Bonds has returned to the San Francisco Giants as a Spring Training instructor. Believe it or not, the former slugger is a bit nervous about his new gig.

“I’m more nervous at this than when I was playing, because as a player, it was only my mind. Me. Now I’m trying to put that (knowledge) into other players’ minds. I’m a little more nervous being on this side than that side. Hopefully I can just bring some good value to the ballclub. Hopefully, I can bring value to these guys and then let Bochy see how I do… I would rather let them evaluate me and then hopefully something good can come out of this,” said Bonds.

So it seems that coaching could possibly be in Bonds’ future. However, one thing people are noticing in the present, is that the former OF has lost a ton of weight.

You can kind of see this from the picture above, but check out this video. It clearly shows a much slimmer Bonds than we’re used to:

What’s your secret, Barry? How do you keep the pounds off?

Many are going to draw conclusions about his trim frame. The most obvious one, will be that he’s no longer on the juice. The inflated version of Bonds that we all saw dominate in the early 2000s, is no more. He’s just a regular looking, or more 1990-looking Bonds at this point.


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