Bobby Abreu Having Difficult Comeback With Philadelphia Phillies

By Rebekah Milsted
Abreu Spring Training at bat
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have been looking to improve their team all offseason. They have been adding players to help with the lack of offense, and one player such player is veteran Bobby Abreu. He was signed to a minor league deal, and now it is up to the coaches if he makes the big league roster out of spring training.

Abreu came into spring training with high hopes. He told the media that he can still play and showed the confidence that he could still hit. Many agreed with Abreu, as he put up impressive numbers in the Venezuela league. In 50 games he had an average of .322 with 28 RBI. Abreu’s offense doesn’t seem to have followed him to the Phillies.

Abreu has been the designated hitter down in Clearwater, and in 18 games he only has an average of .111 with two hits. There still is about of month of spring ball to play. If Abreu wants to stay with his old team he has to step up the hitting.

The one positive of Abreu this spring is that he still knows how to run the count. He doesn’t easily strike out or swing at the first pitch. He is patient at the plate, which leads to getting on base. The Phillies lacked in getting on base last season, so at least Abreu could help in that aspect.

Abreu is competing for a bench role this season. There are a few others competing who have had better luck in connecting with the ball. He needs to find his swing that he had in Venezuela if he wants to make the roster.

I give the 39-year-old credit for not giving up on his career early just because of his age. He just has to find his swing again and put the early difficulties of spring behind him. It will be interesting to see if he is on the roster on opening day.

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