Brandon Morrow's Performance A Cause For Concern For Toronto Blue Jays

By Jonny Adornetto
Brandon Morrow
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever Jose Bautista said to the Canadian Jr. National baseball team during their brief photo op before the young club took on the Toronto Blue Jays, apparently it worked very well. Believe it or not, the Spring Training game was a lot closer than the final score of 12-2 initially suggests. The Canadians managed to stay deadlocked in a 2-2 tie with the Jays until the big league club broke things open in the bottom of the fifth.

what should have been a dominant performance by the Jays right from the start was instead a nail-biter for anyone who decided to pay any sort of attention to the first half of the game. Brandon Morrow, today’s starting pitcher for the Jays, had arguably his worst performance of spring training to date. The once-dominant righty gave up four hits, two runs, and walked three batters in just three innings pitched.

Morrow was visibly frustrated with himself while he was on the mound and later called his command on his fastball nothing short of terrible.

Unfortunately for Morrow, admitting that he struggled mightily in regards to his command doesn’t make anything better for him and his Toronto teammates. Deep down inside, Morrow is well aware that he once possessed the type of stuff that every young pitcher dreams of having. However, whether or not he can figure out how to get back there is another story. Morrow has been riddled with injuries over the past couple of seasons, and doesn’t appear to have made any progress in finding his previous form.

Seeing Morrow struggle the way he has at the start of Spring Training should be a massive wake-up call for anyone in the Jays’ head office. Not only do they not know who their fourth and fifth starters are going to be, but they are now unaware of whether or not Morrow is going to be able to turn things around at all. Calling Morrow’s rough outings so far this spring a cause for concern is definitely an understatement.

If he and the Jays can’t figure out what’s going on with him physically and mechanically, the regular season for the Jays just went from up in the air to down the drain.

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