Grading the New York Mets' Offseason

By Mike Cifarelli
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The offseason is officially over, spring training is here and the season is right around the corner. I’ve already written about the New York Mets offseason, but that was over a month ago.

I do like what the Mets did. They added a much needed bat in Curtis Granderson. Bartolo Colon was a good signing to fill a rotation spot and improve it. Chris Young is a good fourth outfielder, someone who never really lived up to his potential. Adding Kyle Farnsworth and Jose Velverde were also good signings. Both guys aren’t getting paid much at all.

What I don’t like about the Mets’ offseason is how they decided to stop. This is a team that expects to win 90 games. How they got to that evaluation I have no clue. If they win 90 games I will laugh and cry.

Right now the Mets could have Nelson Cruz on their team and Stephen Drew. But the team decided to stop where they were. Caught in between of wanting to win and actually trying to win. Young was signed for nearly $8 million and the team seems to be high on him (why? Who knows), but another $8 million should have been forked out for Cruz.

I won’t knock not signing Drew that much. He’s a clear upgrade over Ruben Tejada, but Tejada has age on his side. For all the problems that Tejada causes and the clear knocking of him, the Mets aren’t ready to give up on him. This is the type of decision the Mets front office is too hesitant about. Ike Davis is an example of this. Davis was awful last year, but when trying to trade him they were seeking a top prospect. This tactic seems to say “we aren’t ready to trade him.”

Overall, the Mets are a better team. However, I can’t give the offseason as a whole a high grade. I’d have to settle at a B-, that may even be generous.


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