Yankees' Carlos Beltran Paints Face Like Cheetah, Wins Dad of Year Award

By Connor Muldowney
Carlos Beltran
Getty Images

Carlos Beltran is a very wealthy athlete and a rich man on and off the field. What I mean by this is that he has copious amounts of money from his three-year, $45 million contract with the New York Yankees, but he’s also rich in family and love from his family. The 36-year-old outfielder was at Busch Gardens in Florida this week, taking a break from the game he loves, taking in a nice family retreat.

While at the famous amusement park, the veteran MLB player was caught wearing cheetah face paint and posing for pictures with his family. Wait, what? Yes, I said he was wearing cheetah face paint in public for his own children’s amusement.

So, he has to be the dad of the year, right? Just check out this video he posted on his Instagram of him and his family decked out in face paint on a kiddie roller coaster at Busch Gardens:

Many people are scratching their head on this one, but that is, indeed, Beltran taking the video with his face covered in face paint and smiling like a child. I mean, what kind of dad paints his face and wears a cheetah look in front of thousands of people for their own kids’ happiness? The best kind of dad, that’s who.

Beltran seems like the ultimate family man and that’s something that can be appreciated by us fans. Any guy who loves his family that much and isn’t afraid to show it is okay in our books.

Big shout out to Beltran for being the coolest cat, I mean dad, out there.

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