Philadelphia Phillies Benching Jimmy Rollins Hard to Explain

By Rebekah Milsted
Rollins spring training at bat
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Rollins is a veteran for the Philadelphia Phillies. He has been with the club since 2000 and has become a team leader, yet Rollins has been benched the last three spring training games.

One reason that Rollins could be benched is because of his lack of offense. The Phillies need Rollins to step up this season as they failed on offense last year. With Rollins being a leader he needs to be able to get on base, drive in runs, etc. His spring stats are not up to par as he is hitting just .133 in 15 at bats with just two hits with three strikeouts. He isn’t showing improvement from last season the Phillies need, and benching him won’t help his offense improve.

Another speculation why Rollins was benched is because he told the media that spring training games do not count. He said that come April no one is talking spring training stats. This is iffy. Rollins is right that the games don’t count, but it still shows what the season may bring. The games show who should play where, who provides offense, who needs to work on what, etc. It allows the teams to work out kinks. Wins may not matter, but the games are still important.

Rollins is uncertain about why he hasn’t stepped out on the field recently, and manager Ryne Sandberg is keeping quiet on the situation. This doesn’t make sense to me. If Sandberg wants Rollins to improve why not tell him what he is doing wrong? Why make Rollins keep guessing? It is only going to stir up more controversy.

Rollins has said that he wants to finish his career in Philadelphia. With him not playing will this change his mind? Hopefully it won’t come to that and he returns to the lineup soon.

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