Why Is Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper So Massive?

By Brian Skinnell
Bryce Harper Nationals
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It’s no secret that Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper entered Spring Training bigger than most players on the Washington Redskins. Immediately, people pointed to steroids and banned substances as to why he entered camp so big. In an interview on Tuesday with 106.7 The Fan, Harper explained why he’s literally larger than life.

“I didn’t really have a lower body for two months. It was like I was in a wheelchair trying to just do the upper body. So I’d go to the gym and only be able to do my upper body,” said Harper. You see? This has nothing to do with banned substances and everything to do with skipping leg day!

In all seriousness, Harper’s offseason workout regimen stems from his knee injury. Since he wasn’t able to workout his lower body, he continued to hit the upper half hard in the gym every day. According to the interview, he’d be up in the wee hours of the morning training hard, and would head to the gym during the day whenever he got bored. While he was there, all he would do were upper body lifts.

As prevalent as steroids have become in this day and age, Harper using steroids or banned substances would come as a huge and disappointing surprise. The devoted Mormon has always treated his body like a temple and has scoffed at even the idea of drinking an alcoholic beverage. The accusation of him using banned substances, while understandably brought up, just doesn’t seem like a Harper thing to do.

When you think about it, the 245 pounds that he reportedly entered at isn’t THAT big, at least by Harper’s standards. Last season, he came into the spring session weighing 235 pounds, but lost about 10 pounds in Spring Training. While he did accomplish his offseason goal of getting as big as a house, he’s not that much bigger than he was just a year ago.

Still, it’s pretty cool to see a player of his size on a baseball diamond. He’s a solid piece of muscle, and Nationals fans can only hope that he can harness that power, find some control of his bat, and send some baseballs into outer space. With all the hype surrounding his Arnold-like muscles, is it too early to declare him a candidate for the Home Run Derby?

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