Red Sox Prospect Arrested, Makes John Boyett-Like Comments to Police

By Connor Muldowney
Jon Denney

Athletes these days are racking up quite the large egos. It seems like you read in the paper or online daily about a different athlete getting arrested and trying to get out of it by flaunting their fame — or what they think is fame. Boston Red Sox catcher prospect Jon Denney is the latest athlete to pull such a stunt with police and he has engraved his name on the list of arrogant arrests by cocky, young athletes.

According to police, Denney was arrested on Wednesday night after being pulled over after he “accelerated quickly” which caused his truck to fishtail in front of police and presenting cops with a suspended license that was restricted for business and emergencies.

Why was it restricted for such purposes? Oh, because he racked up a DUI in Arkansas not too long before this incident.

After his second run-in with police in about a month’s time, you would think the 19-year-old prospect would have learned his lesson, but what he said to police officers after being pulled over is something out of infamous NFL prospect John Boyett‘s book.

According to police, Denney said that “he was a Boston Red Sox player and he didn’t care [sic] he had money and made more money than we would ever see.”

No, Denney didn’t stop there as he also told police that “he would be out in no time because of who he played for and that he made three million a year.”

According to his contract, Denney signed for $875,000 last year as a third-round draft pick. Players who play in Class A — where Denney is set to play — make just over $1,000 a month. Doesn’t sound like three million a year to me.

Sly move, Jon.

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