New York Mets Rumors: Jimmy Rollins To Man SS?

By Patrick M Arthur
Jimmy Rollins
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies are stuck between crashing and burning, and believing one more tired veteran will do the trick. And one tired veteran is, well, tired of it.

Jimmy Rollins reportedly wants off the Phillies’ roster, and as a 10-5 guy (10 years of MLB service, five with one team), Rollins gets to choose where he’d be willing to play. Are the rival New York Mets on that list? How bad would Ruben Tejada have to be before the Mets called the Phillies about a trade? Would one or both fan bases riot if this ever really happened?

Honestly, GM Sandy Alderson should be kicking the tires on any available shortstop with his own pair of spikes and a heartbeat. But Rollins as a serious replacement is a little far-fetched.

First of all, he’s owed $11 million this year, with an obtainable vested option for another $11 million in 2015. Besides the fact that the Mets aren’t going to add that kind of payroll, Rollins is 35 and hasn’t hit .275 in five years (also the last time he played defense at a league-average level, metrically speaking).

For the Phillies, dealing Rollins to the Mets would be like ordering pizza for a week straight, only to dump the extra, crust-filled boxes in your neighbor’s yard. The one you hate, just because. That would be mean and Bud Selig would never let that happen to his friends.

So, I don’t see this particular trade coming to fruition, but it’s good to have this conversation, because crazier things have, in fact, happened. Right?

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