Washington Nationals: Is Doug Fister's Elbow Issue Worth Worrying About?

By Nick Comando
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

One of the Washington Nationals‘ key offseason acquisitions is facing a small setback during the spring. Doug Fister has been suffering from some elbow inflammation, and it has caused him to miss a few weeks worth of work, thus endangering his start to the season. Fister threw off flat ground and is due to throw in a major league game Saturday, so things are looking good. So, should the Nationals and their fans be worried about Fister?

It’s pretty safe to say this should not be anything to get really upset over. Pitchers tend to deal with all kinds of different pains and tensions as they begin to stretch out, and it could even be from stretching out and seeing live hitters. If this was the regular season, Fister probably would be pitching through it, no questions asked. Thankfully, due to Spring Training, the Nationals can take necessary precautions and keep Fister out of action, so as not to aggravate the injury further.

One of the positives with this injury is that Fister does not throw particularly hard, so the inflammation cannot get worse with him pitching through it. Plus, when Fister has pitched, he has really impressed Matt Williams, so it would be shocking if the Nationals hold Fister back unnecessarily. The one thing that could hold Fister back is the fact that he is not fully stretched out, and teams like to move their pitchers along incrementally. Fister probably needs to get up to four innings and 75 pitches before the spring ends, otherwise things could carry into the season.

All in all, this is nothing to worry about for the Nationals.

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