Frank Thomas is Suing Reebok Over Re-Released 'Big Hurt' Shoes

By Andrew Fisher
Frank Thomas
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If you’re a fan of athletic shoes, you’ve probably noticed that Reebok has been killing it lately. The famous shoe company has released several throwback sneakers, including Shaquille O’Neal’s ‘Shaqnosis’ kicks and Shawn Kemp’s ‘Kamikazes’.

Another famous pair of throwbacks they recently re-released belonged to Frank Thomas. Well, kind of. As it turns out, Thomas is suing Reebok over his famous ‘Big Hurt’ shoes. Why? Because he wasn’t cut in.

Thomas is taking his former shoe company to court on the grounds that he wasn’t told about or compensated for the re-release of his sneakers.

Big Hurt sneakers

Thomas originally signed with Reebok back in 1995 and stayed on through 1998.

The hall-of-fame slugger is asking a judge to block future sales of the shoes and for compensation from sales thus far.

It does seem kind of sketchy that Reebok would just start reproducing these shoes without telling Thomas. You’d think that he’d be due at least a small portion of sales. After all, they’re HIS shoes.

Hopefully this whole ordeal gets worked out. Reebok doesn’t have a ton of high profile athletes endorsing it these days, so this recent string of throwback releases was a great idea. When I saw the Shaqnosis shoes on TNT one night, it was the first time I’d thought about Reebok sneakers in a long time. The old school kicks remind us that they used to come out with some decent designs back in the day.

Now we’ll just have to hope they can work out a deal with the Big Hurt.


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