Toronto Blue Jays: Ricky Romero Is To Blame For Marcus Stroman's Struggles

By Jonny Adornetto
Ricky Romero
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Every up-and-coming prospect in any sport needs someone to look up to as they try their best to finally crack their club’s regular season roster. Youngsters within the Toronto Blue Jays‘ system all have the luxury of being able to pick the brains of many successful veterans and students of the game, such as Jose Bautista, Mark Buehrle, R.A. Dickey and Jose Reyes, to name a few. The list can go on and on.

So, why on earth would a talented young hurler like Marcus Stroman choose a struggling Ricky Romero to be his mentor during Spring Training as he embarked on his quest to win a fourth or fifth spot in the vacant starting rotation in Toronto?

This is a question that can only be answered by Stroman himself, but Romero is the last person who should be giving any sort of advice to a player like Stroman. In my eyes, the youngster would have secured a spot in the rotation if he had stayed away from the walk-happy lefty from East L.A.

Romero has done nothing but give batters free passes the last two seasons, and should have been spending his time seeking out advice from real professionals, rather than giving it out himself.

From here on out, it doesn’t get much easier for Stroman in regards to his search for a proper pro to seek answers from. The top prospect, along with Romero, was quickly sent down to minor league camp immediately after his outing against the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday afternoon in Lakeland, FL. At this point, the only thing that fans of Stroman can do is hope that he begins to keep his distance from the rubber-armed Romero.

While the southpaw drowns his sorrows by posting inspirational quotes on Instagram and telling himself that everything is going to be alright, Stroman needs to find someone else to help him get to where he knows he can ultimately be — being part of a big league starting rotation.

Stroman’s day will come, just as long as he begins to seek out advice from those who can actually lead by example.

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