Aroldis Chapman Uploads Post-Surgery Photo

By Andrew Fisher
Aroldis Chapman
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Aroldis Chapman just suffered one of the most gruesome sports injuries we’ve ever seen. The Cincinnati Reds pitcher took a line drive off his face and forehead area, which resulted in multiple facial fractures. Chapman had to undergo surgery, and now he has a steel plate in his face.

As we all know, major surgery of this kind doesn’t come without its battle scars. Chapman recently took time after his procedure to upload a photo of his many staples:


Aroldis Chapman
Aroldis Chapman

All you can say about this photo is wow.

Luckily for the left-hander, doctors are expecting him to make a full recovery. He’s likely going to be on the shelf for upwards of six weeks, which seems like an incredibly short amount of time considering the seriousness of his injury.

Chapman is clearly a strong guy, because not everyone would have the courage to upload a post-surgery photo like that.

This latest incident is no doubt going to open up a discussion about pitcher safety. Should they wear more protective head or facewear?

It’s feels odd to picture a major league pitcher wearing some sort of facemask, but I don’t think you can rule it out in the future. Safety is the name of the game these days. Sports leagues are doing more than ever to protect their players.

Some will say that the game has always been played with unprotected pitchers, so it should continue that way. There haven’t been too many injuries like Chapman’s over the years, but again, things are different nowadays. We did just see a rule put in place to protect catchers.


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