Atlanta Braves Are Keeping Mike Minor Waiting

By Steven Whitaker
Mike Minor Atlanta Braves
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

What exactly is going on with Atlanta Braves star pitcher Mike Minor? Everyone knew that he had urinary tract surgery before the spring and that he has had some shoulder discomfort, but nobody has really been talking about Minor through the spring.

According to Dave O’Brien, Minor may not make his debut in an actual game until the end of March, and most likely won’t join the rotation until mid-to-late April.

With him gone for the first part of the season, the team will be with only one left-handed pitcher in their rotation, and that player will be in his rookie campaign, Alex Wood. Also, if he isn’t able to play, Julio Teheran, the pitcher in the rotation who is the longest tenured player, will be the coming off of his rookie campaign in 2013.

The good thing about Minor being out during the time he is out is that the team really doesn’t have that tough of a schedule early in the season other than six games with the Washington Nationals and a three game series with the Cincinnati Reds. So, if there was a time that the team could afford to have an injury of this type, it’d definitely be early in the season.

While it hopefully doesn’t, the shoulder soreness of Minor could prove to be a problem for the pitcher as he progresses into the season. When it comes to pitchers, elbows and shoulders are no joke at all, and while the seriousness of elbow injuries is well known, the shoulder injuries can be just as bad and can hang around and bother pitchers for a long period of time.

If Minor can’t recover from the soreness in the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if the Braves shut him down for a fairly long period of time.

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