Adrian Gonzalez Key to Los Angeles Dodgers' Success

By Daniel Reveles
Getty Images

First baseman Adrian Gonzalez will be the biggest key to the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ success in 2014.

Most fans and baseball pundits think of the big names in the Dodgers’ clubhouse like Hanley Ramirez, Yasiel Puig and Clayton Kershaw when it comes to picking who will be the key to Dodgers’ success. In my opinion, there is one thing that Gonzalez brings to the team above all of the aforementioned players.

A veteran presence who isn’t afraid to lead in the clubhouse.

Puig is one of the Dodgers’ best players and brightest prospects, but needs to have an attitude adjustment every now and then. You rarely see Ramirez or Kershaw talking to the young phenom. It’s always Gonzalez who is first on the scene when Puig acts out.

A perfect example of this would be in the Dodgers’ opening series versus the Arizona Diamondbacks. After a pair of Puig gaffes on the bases, Gonzalez confronted Puig in the dugout and talked to him about making smarter baseball decisions.

Without this type of leadership, the Dodgers would be a wild sailing ship with no direction.

In addition to his leadership, Gonzalez is a great baseball player. He is one of the most consistent hitters in baseball and is a sure thing at first base. He may not be the loudest with the media, but he’s the loudest during the game and in the clubhouse; that’s what matters.

The Dodgers’ success in 2014 hinges on Gonzalez’s leadership and play. If you ask me, it’s a sure thing that the Dodgers will excel with Gonzalez in the dugout.

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