New York Mets' Offensive Struggles vs. Atlanta Braves a Sign of Trouble Ahead

By Steven Carollo
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Now it is only Spring Training, I know. And I know that the only players who played for the New York Mets in their afternoon game against the Atlanta Braves were mostly either backups or players unlikely to even make the team, but if you are a Mets fan you should still have concerns.

For one, the starting pitcher for the Braves was Freddy Garcia. Garcia is a solid pitche,r but his best days are far behind him. Garcia pitched great and only gave up two hits and one run through 5.1 innings. Now when you see that you figure that the Mets had literally no one in their starting lineup, but that was not true.

The Mets’ only potential opening day starters playing in the game were Ike Davis and Eric Young. Davis is currently fighting for the first base job against Lucas Duda, and in my opinion, based on skill at the plate and in the field, Davis is the clear-cut favorite. Young, who played second base today, played outfield with the Mets last season. But due to free agent signings of Curtis Granderson and Chris Young as well as second baseman Daniel Murphy still being on the team, Eric Young may not get as much playing time as he did last season unless a trade is made. For now, though, he is still projected to be in the Mets’ starting lineup on opening day.

Other than those two, the Mets’ starting lineup this afternoon consisted of backups, most of whom are going to make the team with names like Juan Lagares, Josh Satin, Matt den DekkerOmar Quintanilla, etc. And for only den Dekker and Quintanilla to get one hit each and for the team to only score one run through 5.1 innings against Garcia with no more hits the rest of the way, that only goes to show the lack of offensive depth this Mets team truly has.

You can say it is only one game, but since the Mets’ opening day starting lineup is projected to lack offensive depth, just do not expect any bench players on this team to emerge offensively.

This year’s Mets team is all about pitching, even without ace Matt Harvey, who is recovering from Tommy John Surgery. With all of the young up-and-coming arms set to be inserted into the starting rotation and bullpen throughout the course of this season, the Mets will only go as far as their pitching will bring them. If the pitching struggles, then the Mets will be in for a very long year, because there are no offensive saviors on this roster.

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