Minnesota Twins' March Madness Prank on Wichita State Alum Mike Pelfrey Was Awesome

By Connor Muldowney
Mike Pelfrey
Getty Images

It’s that time of year, folks. No, I’m not talking about Spring Training and the eventual start of MLB‘s regular season, but everyone’s favorite: March Madness. Everyone seems to be quite into college basketball this time of year and the Minnesota Twins are no different — just ask Mike Pelfrey.

Pelfrey, an eight-year MLB veteran, is a Wichita State alum and his former school was undefeated before last week’s loss in the round of 32. However, prior to the game, Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire and his team decided to pull a prank on the proud alum. His 35-0 Shockers were preparing to fight for a spot in the Sweet 16 and Gardenhire saw an opportunity to embarrass his pitcher.

Check out the awesome prank:

Pelfrey was a good sport about being thrown into an awkward situation in which he was volunteered for by his own manager and he made the most of the awkward phone call to his favorite basketball team — or so he thought was his favorite college team.

You could tell he was uncomfortable from the beginning and then Gardenhire really jumped into it before Pelfrey could even agree.

Little did the pitcher know that the “Shockers” were sitting in the clubhouse while Pelfrey tried to “pump up” the “basketball team” that was actually his teammates. Pelfrey awkwardly delivered a “go get ’em” speech while his teammates were fighting back laughter.

The awkwardness of the phone call and the entire situation could be felt through the camera.

Too bad he couldn’t actually pump up the Shockers as they lost far too early, ending their season with a 35-1 record.

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