Chicago White Sox Add to America's Obesity Problem With $17 Sundae

By Andrew Fisher
White Sox sundae

Baseball is about much more than balls and strikes. It’s about going to the ballpark and taking in the whole experience. Part of that experience is no doubt a trip or two to the concession stands. The food sold at concession stands isn’t healthy in the least, but we all know that’s not what it’s there for. It’s there to taste good and to enhance our ballpark experience.

It’s with that concept in mind, that we take a look at the latest and greatest concession offering from the Chicago White Sox,who’ve upped the ante in the helmet sundae game.

Remember those little upside down collectible helmets that used to have a scoop or two of ice cream in them? Yeah, those aren’t big enough in 2014.

The picture above is what the White Sox new sundae will look like. It really doesn’t even do it justice, because we’re talking about a $17, three-pound sundae!

“It should feed a lot of people, and it comes in a hardy, helmet container that we think people will go home with and remember their time at the ballpark. I’m sure a couple fans are going to try to crush it alone, but we’re hoping it’s for a family. That being said, we’ll have something special for the first person who takes it down by themselves,” said White Sox senior VP of sales and marketing Brooks Boyer.

Of course they’ll have something special for the first person who takes one down by themselves. Hopefully for that poor soul, it’s a free trip to the emergency room after they collapse at the ballpark.


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