Cleveland Indians Closer Letting Fans Choose His 9th Inning Entrance Music

By Andrew Fisher
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The Cleveland Indians are hoping for a great season from their new closer John Axford. After spending the last five years in Milwaukee (and a brief stint in St. Louis), Axford signed on in Cleveland with hopes of becoming a top-tier closer once again.

We all know what sets the great closers apart from the rest. No, it’s not a great curveball. It’s entrance music.

By the end of his career, Mariano Rivera was practically a member of Metallica after using their ‘Enter Sandman’ song as his entrance music for many years.

So now for his gig in Cleveland, Axford wants to start fresh by selecting new entrance music. During his days with the Brewers he used ‘New Noise’ by Refuse, but that theme has since been retired. Now, he’s leaving it up to the fans to determine his new entrance music via an online vote.

Axford chose all three songs on the ballot: Rage Against the Machine ‘Bulls on Parade’, Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ and the classic theme from the movie ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’.

“It’s nice to try to get an idea of the city, and what they feel, and they want. They are songs that I chose, and any one of them I’d like to hear out there… In Milwaukee, the only parts I ever heard were when I first starting walking out on the field. And after that, it vanished. My thoughts were then internal in my own head. Once in a while you’ll hear something, especially if the crowd gets into it. But it’s not like I’m out there singing along with it or anything,” said Axford.

It’ll be interesting to see what song the fans end up picking, but one thing is for sure — it will never be as cool as one ‘former’ Indians closer’s music:

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