New York Yankees Have No Need to Worry About Derek Jeter's Slow Spring

By Luis Tirado Jr.
Derek Jeter
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Many baseball analysts will look at the spring training stats of Derek Jeter and wonder if he has any gas left in the tank. Posting just a .143 average so far this spring, Jeter isn’t too concerned for his lack of hitting. Every spring, his mantra is to just go out there and get a feel for new teammates to make sure everything gels nicely come the regular season.

Coming off a season where he was severely injured and missed the majority of it, Jeter is looking to end his final year on a high note. He wants to be healthy to play in every game he can and enjoy what will be a frenzy at every ballpark he plays in. His farewell tour will be legendary and might even rival the one that occurred last year with fans all across the world saying goodbye to Mariano Rivera.

Don’t let the stats fool you; when it matters most, Jeter has and always will deliver. Besides, spring baseball doesn’t really count for anything except for a bunch of players trying to secure spots on major league rosters and not end up demoted in the minors. The veterans, especially one of Jeter’s status, merely share stories and touch up basic fundamentals for a long season ahead.

Jeter himself takes spring training as an opportunity to practice hitting good pitches even though they don’t really count for anything. It’s all about the eye of the tiger as Jeter makes sure he knows exactly where the sweet spot is. We all know he’s going to be starting at shortstop come Opening Day, and it’s just a matter of how successful his final season in professional baseball is.

It would be quite the story if a healthy Jeter finds his fountain of youth and makes this season end with another World Series championship to add to his resume. It all depends if he can indeed play all 162 games and stay 100 percent healthy.

There is no need to worry, though; The Captain like always, will be just fine.

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