Houston Astros Spring Training Full of Prospect Letdowns

By Josh Sippie
Tommy Gilligan - USA TODAY Sports
Tommy Gilligan – USA TODAY Sports

When the Houston Astros came into Spring Training overflowing with confidence and anticipation, few could have envisioned that their two most “MLB-ready” prospects would end up waddling away to the minor leagues with very little impact made on their pro-ball club. But unfortunately, that’s what happened.

Of course, it goes without saying that it is only Spring Training, but still, it was the stage for Jon Singleton and George Springer to prove that they didn’t need anymore time in the minors. They failed to do that.

Those two names were by far the most disappointing of the spring bunch. They combined to go 9-for-57 with 20 strikeouts along with a measly one home run and five RBIs.

These are guys who are supposed to be MLB-ready. The positions were theirs for the taking and they could not have failed any worse. Well they could have, but it would have been tough.

With Springer at 24 years old and in the midst of a mum contract battle and Singleton fresh off a setback year shortened by a drug suspension, both of these top prospects needed to come out and make a name for themselves. Springer has already proven he can dominate Minor League hitting; let’s all hope he doesn’t end up like Brett Wallace and prove that’s the extent of what he can do.

Okay, that was an overreaction.

It’s Singleton who’s a bit more worrisome. For the No. 1 first base prospect in the league, he really hasn’t put up many numbers to back it up. He hit .230 across all levels of the minors last  year as his average steadily decreased on being moved up.

But it’s the Major Leagues that matter, so until these guys see regular season action, this is all just speculation.

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