MLB Gets It Right With Increased Suspensions for PED Users

By Andrew Fisher
Bud Selig
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

After being rocked once again by a PED scandal in 2013, MLB is stepping up to the plate in 2014 with new punishments for users.

There’s no doubt that MLB has come along way in the last decade with punishments for PED users. However, there’s also no doubt that more changes were need to the league’s policies on testing positive for banned substances.

Starting this season, first-time offenders will now be sidelined for 80 games. Second-time offenders will be suspended for an entire season, while third-time offenders will be banned for life (aka he gone).

These changes are great for the game. Under the old policy, first-time offenders were just given a big old slap on the wrist with a 50-game ban. That amount of games, simply wasn’t enough to deter cheaters. The benefits of performing well on PEDs, outweighed the potential punishment for getting caught.

Now, that’s all changed. First-timers are booted for a half a year, then a full year and then just told to get the heck out. That’s the way it should be. There’s no place for PEDs in MLB any longer. Steroids have done enough damage to the game already, and it’s time a new ‘clean’ era started.

The timing couldn’t be any more perfect, as one of baseball’s most famous cheaters is currently on the shelf for all of 2014 after being linked to PEDs. I’m of course talking about Alex Rodriguez.

2014 will now be known as the season where MLB got serious about it’s PED penalties and hopefully, as the season that we finally got rid of A-Fraud.

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