Alex Presley a Sneaky Pickup by Houston Astros' to Add Needed Depth

By Josh Sippie
Jesse Johnson - USA TODAY Sports
Jesse Johnson – USA TODAY Sports

It’s been said many times, perhaps too many times, but the concept of competition being key for the Houston Astros is continually proving to be effective, and they’ve played right into that strategy with their latest addition. Alex Presley isn’t a flashy player, it’s not like he’s a complete game changer, but he’s solid.

Throw out a down year last year and his MLB numbers aren’t bad at all.  Numbers like .297 and .304 in consecutive years for the Pittsburgh Pirates are enough proof that he at the very least has the potential to play at the pro ball level. In fact, he seems eerily similar to Robbie Grossman, and that surely isn’t a bad thing.

All this move does is add some depth to an outfield that is teeming with possibilities. The speed in the outfield is phenomenal, with Dexter Fowler in center field, Grossman in left, and L.J. Hoes in right. It’s not a powerful outfield, but speed is just as effective of a weapon. Now throw Presley into the mix and it adds a good fourth outfielder option. He doesn’t have the speed numbers to back it up thus far into his pro-ball career, but minor league numbers prove it’s in his arsenal.

The Astros’ roster is shaping up nicely. The athleticism on the team is top of the line, with only the corner infielders and catcher not being a base running threat. That kind of speed can wreak havoc for teams. It’s very feasible that the Astros could lead the league in steals this year.

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