Cleveland Indians' Matt Carson Makes One Last Push At Roster Spot

By Steven Smith
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With clubs around the majors finally beginning to trek home to the stadiums they’ll call “home” this summer, they will also have to determine who gets to be a part of the family spending their days in that home. Many will stay, but few will be cut. Cleveland Indians outfielder, Matt Carson is making sure he is doing everything in his power to call himself a son of Cleveland this summer, and boy did he make a statement today.

The Indians took on the San Diego Padres in what the casual baseball fan would consider a “toilet series.”  Neither team’s season is looking too bright, but it’s guys like Carson who can make the summer heat up a little bit for Indians fans.

Carson had an absolute monster of a game today. In two plate appearances, he had two hits — both homers.  He drove in five runs and scored two himself. He was also able to bring his Spring Training average up to .273.

Carson is a guy who’s played in plenty of farm systems and has even done some hopping around in the majors, but this season, he’s hoping he can make Cleveland his permanent home for a very long time.

He made his major league debut in 2009, but has only played in 92 games since. Unfortunately it will probably be deja vu for him again. He hasn’t really composed any impressive numbers over the course of his short major league career. If he can have some solid outings in the minors and play consistently, he might be able to earn a spot and prove himself if an injury occurs. Don’t expect to see him on the opening day roster, though.

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