Offensive Performance by Philadelphia Phillies Illustrates Why Ryne Sandberg Was Angry At Jimmy Rollins

By Mike Gibson
Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia Phillies,
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies closed out Spring Training by getting shut out three straight games, including one in Philadelphia.

Since the final game of Spring Training was rained out, they will not get shut out a fourth-straight time before the opener at the Texas Rangers on Monday.

Still, what can only be described as an offensive performance by the offense illustrates just why new full-time manager Ryne Sandberg was so miffed at shortstop Jimmy Rollins in the first place. In the middle of Spring Training, Rollins was asked a question about the Phillies’ lack of hitting during spring and bluntly said, “Who cares?”

Sandberg cares, that’s who.

Rollins’ feeling was that it’s spring and when the lights get turned on during the regular season, it’s a whole different ballgame. Sandberg believes there’s a carryover from the way the team hits and prepares to hit during the spring to the way they hit in April. It won’t be long before fans find out who is right, but the feeling here is that Sandberg, a Hall of Famer, understands this principle a little better than Rollins, who will probably never get into the Hall of Fame.

You don’t go from being shut out for three straight games to scoring nine, 10 and 11 runs in the first week of regular-season play. The Phillies have a lot of offensive problems that revolve around veterans like Rollins and Ryan Howard that will not be suddenly solved next week, no matter what Rollins says. Except for a couple of home runs, Howard looks completely lost at the plate and Rollins only slightly better.

Rollins says this will all change once the games count, but common sense and the old eye test dictate otherwise.

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