Boston Red Sox: The Improbable Return Of Grady Sizemore

By Carter Roane
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At the beginning of Spring Training, it seemed about as unlikely a situation as possible. The Boston Red Sox had signed Grady Sizemore, who hadn’t played any sort of baseball in the last two years. The chances of him even being out on the field at all seemed extremely remote.

Sizemore certainly proved any and all doubters wrong, including this writer. Not only did he light it up during Spring Training, he made some spectacular catches. Because of his performance, he ended up becoming the new regular center fielder. He certainly deserved the position based on his play and how hard he has worked to return to MLB.

He has shown some glimpses of the remarkable five-tool player that he was before all the injuries that nearly derailed his career. Remember, this was a player who could probably get 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases in his sleep. 30-30 also is in his skill set. He was Jacoby Ellsbury before Ellsbury.

If Boston gets any production out of him, this will be a great signing. He does have to have constant physical maintenance to keep him on the field, but it appears as though the program he is on is working so far. Boston is also going to be careful on how many days they are playing him and making sure that he gets some rest, especially during the beginning of the season with a lot of cold weather days. He also won’t be batting leadoff.

My one concern is that Boston needs a backup outfielder who can play center field or right field capably on the days that Sizemore isn’t playing and Shane Victorino has to play center. Wouldn’t it have made a little more sense to go with one less pitcher and one extra outfielder just until Sizemore gets his legs underneath him?

I can’t wait to see Sizemore out on the field when the season starts. I just worry about the times when he isn’t out there.

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