Criticism of Los Angeles Dodgers' Yasiel Puig Unwarranted

By Daniel Reveles
Yasiel Puig
Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers‘ 2014 season is barely underway and baseball fans and media are already eating away at Yasiel Puig. Come on baseball world; you’re better than that.

Puig is one of the best and most electric players in all of baseball and should not be the topic of criticism. Instead, baseball pundits should he basking in the greatness that is Puig.

The latest controversy surrounding Puig centers around his stiff back and if he’s faking injuries because things are not going his way. Do people who watch baseball seriously think that one of the most passionate players in the entire sport is faking injuries just two games in? If Puig fails to live up to his potential and is still injured around the All-Star break, then sure, have your shots at the guy, but making these accusations two games into the season is simply crazy.

Another topic of conversation for Puig criticizers this season is his weight gain in the offseason. You know who else gained weight this offseason? Baseball’s golden boy Mike Trout. Did you see the same outrage over Trout’s weight gain that you did Puig’s? Nope, it wasn’t even close.

The one question I have is why there wasn’t as much criticism thrown Trout’s direction. Is it because he doesn’t bat flip or fist pump after a double? Either way, the lack of criticism of Trout highlights the ridiculousness of the over-criticism of Puig.

With the season so young, Puig has a lot of time to turn his biggest criticizers into his biggest fans. Still, it’s hard to see that happening as it seems that all of baseball has it in for the young Cuban.

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