Jason Giambi's Top 5 Moments With Cleveland Indians From 2013

By Joe Cooper

Jason Giambi's Top 5 Moments From 2013

Jason Giambi
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For those of you who haven't been paying attention, Jason Giambi is still hanging around MLB ballparks swinging the lumber and hitting bombs on a frozen rope. Giambi, almost serving as a player-coach, had a number of significant moments in 2013. The Cleveland Indians are counting on him coming back from the disabled list to produce more fireworks.

5. Giambi Slides Into First

This moment edged out Giambi's game-tying home run against Cincinnati because there's nothing like watching a 6-foot-3, 240-pound 42-year-old lay out for a single.

4. Jason Giambi Hits A Three-Run Homer to Tie

A long afternoon for starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco led the way for Giambi to swoop in and tie the game at seven apiece before winning in extra innings against Minnesota.

3. Jason Giambi Takes Bronson Arroyo Deep

In a two-game home stint with Cincinnati, Giambi broke things open for Cleveland with a three-run homer Tom Hamilton predicted over the radio.

2. Jason Giambi Walk-Off Home Run Against Chicago White Sox In July

There's nobody quite like Hawk Harrelson in Chicago. I had to include the White Sox call for this solo blast because the next slide is owned by Tom Hamilton.

1. Jason Giambi Two-Run Walk-Off Fuels Cleveland Towards Playoffs

A blown save late by former closer Chris Perez set up the improbable. The 42-year-old set off a firestorm at Progressive Field, propelling the Cleveland Indians towards their final playoff push. A loss in this game could have dampened the momentum, but Giambi was having none of that.

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