Alex Rodriguez's Nephew Hits Eight Straight Home Runs

By Andrew Fisher
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It’s a shame that Alex Rodriguez‘s name has come up on Opening Day 2014. This is the year many baseball fans have been waiting for, as the cheating third baseman has finally been banned from the game. But even though A-Rod won’t be hitting any home runs this year, it appears his nephew will be picking up the slack.

His name is Joe Dunand, and he plays baseball for Miami Gulliver Prep. This past weekend he was playing in a tournament in Scottsdale, AZ, when he decided to go on an absolute tear. Dunand went 10 for 12 at the event, which is great any way you slice it. But when you consider that nine of those hits were home runs, his weekend goes from outstanding, to great.

However, there’s more to the story. Dunand didn’t just hit nine home runs — he hit eight in a row on eight swings to finish his weekend!

“It’s the most unbelievable thing. I’ve never seen anything like that. It looked like a video game at one point. It didn’t matter what they were trying to throw him, everything was gone. I hope he continues what he was doing out here, but nothing is going to top this. Not even if he is a major-league 15-year All-Star, he won’t be able to top this,” said his coach Javier Rodriguez.

Coach Rodriguez is right, he won’t be able to top this. I’ve never heard of such a thing, not even at the little league level. I’m sure it’s happened at some point, but wow, to do it in a high school tournament, really speaks volumes.

As you would imagine, Dunand is a top 200 prospect. He has a scholarship waiting for him at N.C. State, but he’s said he’ll consider going pro if the right situation presents itself out of high school.


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