Kansas City Royals Should Appreciate Relatively Healthy Spring Training

By Doug LaCerte
Louis Coleman Kansas City Royals
David Banks – Getty Images Sport

It would be hard to find any MLB team that didn’t deal with injury already, but the Kansas City Royals should appreciate how healthy the roster has remained so far. Two significant losses, one temporary and one that perhaps marks the end of the injured player’s time in KC, seem almost like blessings after taking a look at the disabled lists for other teams.

Seven teams currently have at least six players listed on their DL. This makes the loss of relievers Luke Hochevar and Louis Coleman a bit more digestible, but a season-ending injury is still never good news. I’ve already made note of Hochevar’s inexplicable talent to disgruntle Royals fans despite pitching very well, and Coleman is a tricky change of pace for batters who was extra-effective when sandwiched by appearances from fireballers. Both will be sorely missed in the bullpen.

Hochevar’s recently scheduled Tommy John surgery means the end of his season, but Coleman can be expected back after an undetermined time spent rehabbing a sprained finger.

Assuming Coleman will be back relatively soon, the Royals are down one reliever. Today’s late-inning failures made his absence painfully clear, but KC can’t possibly miss him more than the Detroit Tigers miss their budding star shortstop Jose Iglesias. Count that as just one of the ways KC has a one-up on the Tigers this year while we all try to momentarily forget about today’s exciting but upsetting loss.

The point is things could be much worse for the Royals, and both the team and its followers should appreciate that. Now, feel free to find the nearest wood surface and knock on it obnoxiously. I know I did.

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