Max Scherzer's Giant Bobblehead Outside of Comerica Park is Frightening

By Connor Muldowney
Max Scherzer
Getty Images

Max Scherzer is one of the best pitchers in baseball today. The Detroit Tigers‘ second ace — yes, they have two — won the AL Cy Young award a year ago and is now getting rewarded for it with a giant bobblehead of his likeness outside of Comerica Park.

Sure, not every Cy Young winner thinks of a giant bobblehead as the perfect reward for winning one of the most prestigious awards in sports, but heck, Detroit thought it was good enough, so that’s what he gets.

While you may think a giant bobblehead is a harmless inadequate object, this one is such that could easily end up haunting your dreams. Yes, it’s extremely scary and not something that Scherzer is proud of — or something he shouldn’t be proud of.

Check out the creepy bobblehead here:

If you didn’t know this by now, Scherzer is known for having multi-colored eyes. He has a brown eye and a blue eyes, attributed to his heterochromia iridum. This is a condition that causes eye color differential.

Yes, this bobblehead is huge, and yes, it’s creepier than any you’ve ever seen.

Scherzer looks like a normal guy in person, but this magnifies his eye condition and blows his head about 15 sizes and is almost too much to handle.

I dare you to stare into this bobblehead’s eyes for an extended period of time and tell me you won’t have nightmares.

Detroit, you could have saved us all some bad dreams by avoiding a life-sized version of Scherzer’s bobblehead.

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