MLB Opening Day Overreaction: B.J. Upton Will Never Get a Hit Again

By Cody Williams
B.J. Upton
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The train-wreck that is Atlanta Braves centerfielder B.J. Upton and whatever that is that he’s doing at the plate these days lasted all of Spring Training and made its way pretty obviously into MLB Opening Day as the Braves fell to the Milwaukee Brewers by a score of 2-0. It’s only going to get worse.

Upton went to the plate four times batting in the number-two slot and all four times he had to go sit back in the dugout without getting on base. Twice he didn’t even have to waste effort running down the first-base line as he struck out. Braves fans should get used to seeing this, because Upton is never going to get a hit again.

Remember when Upton was a young prospect with a world of potential. The Braves don’t. In his first season in Atlanta last year, Upton played in 126 games and hit a miniscule .184 on the season. For the love of everything holy, he played in 126 games and registered a measly 72 hits on the season.

He looks even worse now, though. You could give the man a tennis racket made of aluminum bat material and he’s still going to swing and miss or ground out weakly. He’s basically throwing jabs at a proverbial Mike Tyson right now while every pitcher is putting him down for the count.

The predominant narrative that we’re used to seeing in baseball is that a player can break out of this kind of slump sometimes. That’s not happening with Upton. He’s never going to get a hit again. He’s going 0-for-the season this year and you can’t convince me otherwise.

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