MLB Opening Day Overreaction: Grady Sizemore for MVP

By Cody Williams
Grady Sizemore
Joy R. Absalon – USA Today Sports Images

Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and all of the great position players in the history of baseball have some company. They better start clearing out a spot for Boston Red Sox centerfielder Grady Sizemore, who is heading towards winning the 2014 American League MVP.

If you’re a fan of the Red Sox, there’s a good chance you’re a bit bummed after MLB’s Opening Day on Monday. After all, the Red Sox came up just short of a ninth inning comeback against the Baltimore Orioles to start their World Series defense off with an 0-1 start, but it doesn’t matter. Sizemore is capable of carrying then to 161-0 over their remaining 161 games, I’m pretty sure.

Sizemore was signed this winter essentially as a low-risk, possible high-reward move. It wasn’t even a formality that he was going to make this team. After Spring Training with Boston, though, he won the starting job in centerfield and is now headed towards an MVP. What a magical story.

In his first game in pro baseball since September of 2011, Sizemore went hit a single and a home run, scoring the Red Sox’s only run on the day. He’s on pace to hit .500 with a 1.750 OPS this season with 162 home runs, 162 RBIs and 162 runs. If that’s not MVP level of production, I’m not sure what is.

Yeah, Sizemore hasn’t played in about 2.5 years; so what? The guy is in his prime at 31 years old and just has a lot of rest to get his herculean efforts readied. Yeah, Sizemore has had a multitude of injuries; so what? He’s basically like the bionic man now and you can’t beat science.

You can take your Miguel Cabreras and your Mike Trouts for as long as you like. Those guys are good, but they aren’t headed to the heights that Sizemore is this season. If you want to save some time, award voters, just got ahead and start engraving Sizemore’s name into the AL MVP trophy. It’s basically a formality at this point.

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